~ Training services ~

On this page you will find out about our training services. We offer in person classes. And you can join our online community for ongoing support and group mentoring. Private mentoring is also available. 

Please note our teachers operate independently of Reiki Training NI.

in-person classes

All our accredited Reiki classes take place in person as per professional guidelines.

Our teachers run the classes from various locations in Northern Ireland including Newtownards, Belfast, and Lurgan.

Please contact us for details of the next available course. Our teachers set their own dates and prices.

What You will get

Quality, accredited training at all levels from beginner right up to teacher training.

Reiki is taught in sequence with Level 1 being the initial teachings, Level 2 being the practitioner stage and Level 3 being the Master level. 

Teacher Training is separately taught and often includes apprenticeship with your Reiki Master.

Level 1 and 2 courses are usually 1 day workshops with follow up support from the Reiki Master. Level 3 and Teacher Training are longer duration - please speak to the relevant teacher for details of their course duration.

Classes start at £110

Common Questions

Simply email info@reikitrainingni.com with your questions and we will reply as soon as possible. Alternatively you can check out the calendar of events and contact your preferred teacher directly to book your spot.

This means that the courses have been independently verified as containing quality content suitable for professional or personal use. You can rely on the courses to get insurance as a professional practitioner and our teachers have been verified as being properly trained Reiki Master Teachers.

Our teachers have both been teaching Reiki for more than a decade. Both of our teachers have run successful Reiki practices. Our teachers have attuned hundreds of students over the years and have carried out countless Reiki sessions with private clients.

Our teachers require full payment or a payment plan on booking. Should you need to reschedule your training due to illness or working commitments, you may do so once only. If you then decide to cancel or change your mind no refunds are given unless we can sell your place to another student.

Reiki is taught in levels. You start at level 1 which is the beginner stage. At this level, usually taught in a one day workshop, you are introduced to the principles and philosophy of Reiki and learn to experience the energy for self healing.

At level 2 you learn the sacred Reiki symbols and develop your skills further by learning how to sense energy and how to work with others. This is the minimum requirement for professional practice. Our teachers recommend taking further study or mentorship before commencing professional practice.

Level 3 is the Master level and it is recommended you wait at least 6-12 months from Level 2. This is the beginning of a lifetime commitment to Reiki and bringing it into your daily life. It is the prerequisite for teaching.

Teacher Training is available for those Reiki Masters with at least 2 years professional experience – it is separately taught as a standalone course. It is recommended that you also obtain a third party teaching qualification for insurance purposes such as Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

Yes, because our courses are accredited you can get practitioner insurance once you complete Level 2 or above.

Our teachers set their own prices for each course. Prices start from £110 for Level 1. Please contact the teacher directly for more information about specific course costs and dates.

Get in touch today to book your course.