A deeper look at the 3 diamonds

A deeper look at the 3 diamonds

3 Diamonds

A Deeper Look at the Three Diamonds in your Life

Article by Debi Barr of Rocks n Rituals – 12th September 2022.

References: The Japanese Art of Reiki by Bronwen & Frans Steine.

“What people consider to be life is merely existence – survival. Living, really living, is what you learn.” ~ Suzuki San, one of Usui’s students, describing his early teachings.

In Japan a fine state of health is when you are vigorous in spirit whereas a weakened state of health is thought of as a decline or loss in spirit. The underlying notion being that the wellspring of life is located in your spirit.

Ki – Energy for Life

Ki is an energy that cannot be measured or contained but it can be experienced and cultivated. Think of a vegetable patch – you must put the work in, prepare the soil, pull the weeds, plant the seeds etc., otherwise it will not be successful. Cultivating your Ki is the same.

We often talk about connecting to Reiki or to Ki generally – but think about it. Everything is already Ki. All is One. So connection means connection with yourself. Everything, animate and inanimate, pulsates with the Ki of the Universe. And when we talk about the Universe we don’t mean the cosmos. Everything that can be understood and not understood, existence and non-existence, thoughts and things not yet even conceived – that is the Universe.

Ki is made up of two primary components – Earth Ki and Heaven Ki. Earth Ki represented by the physical body and Heaven Ki being the mind. As a Shugendo practitioner Usui was aware of the cosmology of Shugendo. That the union of dual forces, Earth Ki and Heaven Ki brought all things into existence. Therefore humans are a blend of both types of Ki.

Balancing Ki

To achieve a state of equanimity in life, these elements need to become balanced with one another. By merely thinking about the Earth Ki point in the body, the hara, you integrate the Heaven Ki – the mind into the body. This mind-body connection is important in Japan.

Diamonds are used as an analogy of the self in Eastern thought. Each and every day the practitioner polishes the diamond by performing his or her practice. As humans we pick up a lot of mud and tarnish our diamonds on a daily basis. But diamonds can cut through almost anything. So with a little polish we can bring back the true essence of life – represented as a perfect polished diamond.

3 Diamonds - Life Energy

The Three Diamonds

The 3 Diamonds are therefore the foundation of the system of Reiki and are at the heart of Japanese culture, religion and philosophy. We teach this in our classes.

The chakra system is an Indian concept that was adapted to fit Reiki in the 1980s and 90s by New Age practitioners. But when you connect the Japanese use of Ki with your own Reiki practice you will gain a deeper level of understanding, progress and contentment.

The 3 Diamonds will remain concepts until they are experienced. Words alone cannot convey that which will only be recognised through personal practice and experience.

The Heart Ki is the point of perfect balance which is created by the merging of the Earth and Heaven – body and mind. When this centre is activated you see the bigger picture of life, embracing forgiveness, easing trauma and hurt and finding peace and compassion. This centre is the culmination of the work of polishing the diamonds.

Cultivating Ki with Reiki

The system of Reiki teaches you to cultivate greater amounts of Ki, with the aim of moving Ki to cleanse and clear the baggage and blocks that we accumulate in life. Working with the 3 Diamonds activates the natural flow of Ki which parallels the aims of Reiki. Creating a free flow of energy allowing you to experience a permanent connection to the universal flow of Ki.

Tonight in our members area we looked at the 3 Diamonds and experienced new ways of cultivating this energy. Join the Reiki Solution here and watch the replay – we’d love to welcome you aboard!

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