A deeper look at the 3 diamonds

3 Diamonds

A Deeper Look at the Three Diamonds in your Life Article by Debi Barr of Rocks n Rituals – 12th September 2022. References: The Japanese Art of Reiki by Bronwen […]

Learning Reiki Online – An Update

crystal healing

Learning Reiki Online – An Update Article written by Debi Barr, Reiki Master Teacher & Mentor with Rocks n Rituals – 10th September 2022 Back during the lockdowns in 2020 […]

Is it OK to learn Reiki online?

Online Learning

Is it OK to learn Reiki online? Is it ever OK to learn Reiki online? With the current global situation causing disruption and upheaval for so many people, it is […]

High Demand for Quality Training


There has been unprecedented demand for Reiki training in the last couple of years. I have trained more people in the last 12 months than ever before. It got me […]

Turn on the big light!


The big light – it’s a real Northern Irish expression. For those of you who aren’t from Northern Ireland, it refers to the main ceiling light in a room. My […]

Do you really want to be a Reiki Master?!

Woman reading

So, you’ve heard about Reiki and you have perhaps started learning it for yourself. You have maybe reached that stage on your journey where you are considering moving on to […]

Why Learn Reiki?

Group of people meditating on beach

A lot of people ask me why they should learn Reiki. Many of my Reiki clients have gone on to study Reiki for themselves but there are also quite a […]

Don’t do Reiki – BE Reiki

Be Reiki

I have been working with Reiki healing energy since 2010 and have been a Master Teacher since 2012. Over the years my practice and understanding of Reiki has deepened and […]

Reiki – A Journey of Self Discovery

Reiki Healing

Many people approach me for Reiki training with the objective of helping others and becoming a healer. While this is very admirable it really misses the point of what Reiki […]