Reiki – A Journey of Self Discovery

Reiki – A Journey of Self Discovery

Reiki Healing

Many people approach me for Reiki training with the objective of helping others and becoming a healer. While this is very admirable it really misses the point of what Reiki is really all about.


Reiki is a journey of self-discovery, not just a healing tool. Dr. Mikao Usui emphasized the importance of daily meditation and reflection as part of his teachings. He had his students sit in Gassho (prayer position) and meditate mindfully on the 5 Reiki principles. This is something I feel we should all do every day. It is this mindful meditation that starts you on the self-discovery path.

The principles tell us – Just for today I will not anger, I will not worry, I will be grateful, I will do my work honestly and I will be kind to every living thing. Taking 10 minutes out of your day to sit and mindfully reflect on these principles is amazingly calming and empowering.

Healer Heal Thyself

I teach my students that Reiki is a journey of self-discovery, not just a technique for healing other people. The phrase “Healer heal thyself” springs to mind. As a Reiki practitioner it is important that you are a clear channel for Reiki to flow through. The best way to become a clear channel is to allow yourself time to heal on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

When students start out with me on their Reiki training I explain that they are starting a journey. This is a new and exciting path and Reiki will lead to all sorts of insights, and be a healing and inspiring journey, if they let it in and fully embrace it.

Levels of Reiki

First Degree or Level 1 Reiki works on a physical level. Students often find that their 21 day healing process after attunement sparks up some physical symptoms which require healing and they often find that Reiki helps them cope with any physical ailments they have.

Second Degree or Level 2 Reiki works on a more emotional and mental level. At this stage students often report a more emotional healing period. Over time they may also find that any walls of self-protection they have built come down and they feel more emotionally balanced.

Third Degree or Level 3 Reiki is the Master Level. At this point the healing moves to the Soul Level. Becoming a Reiki Master is by no means the end of the journey – quite the contrary – it is the beginning of a deeper and more personal connection to Reiki.

The secret is to let Reiki in. Allow it to become an integral part of your life. Reiki is not something external to you – it is within and around you. You learn to BE Reiki – you are the light, walk in the light of Reiki and BE the light.

Find a class here and start your journey.

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