Don’t do Reiki – BE Reiki

Don’t do Reiki – BE Reiki

Be Reiki

I have been working with Reiki healing energy since 2010 and have been a Master Teacher since 2012. Over the years my practice and understanding of Reiki has deepened and changed quite significantly.

Be Reiki

I have come to understand that Reiki is not something that you do – it is something that you are.

I used to say those words quite a bit but never fully grasped the enormity of them. Over the years I have dedicated myself to daily practice of meditation and Reiki and this has given me my own personal experience and understanding of how to BE REIKI.

All of us have Reiki energy within us. Reiki simply means universal life force energy. You would not be sitting here reading this post if you were not full of life force energy. It is what gives you life.

Everything is Energy

Everything you can see around you is full of energy. All things in the universe are full of life force energy. We are all part of a huge mass of living energy and as a result we are all connected to each other. We all have our own vibrations.

You affect your environment simply by existing. Imagine yourself as a planet orbiting the sun. You have force and gravity – your orbit affects the other planets and moons around you. Your presence – your vibration – affects the people, animals and things around you.

You already know this – you know how other people can affect you. Think about a time when you walked into a room after people had been arguing. You could feel the anger vibrating in the room. Think about someone who is always full of love and laughter – you can feel their uplifting vibration – can’t you?

Becoming Reiki

The more you practice meditation and Reiki the more mindful you become of your vibration. Reiki is so much more than a hands on healing therapy – in fact, the hands on healing side of it is really a distraction from the real point of Reiki.

Usui taught his students to meditate daily. He taught them the important concept of grounding and becoming fully mindful of the body. Over time he introduced more tools and signposts as his students grew and matured in their spiritual practice.

He introduced the 5 Reiki principles: –

Just for Today

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be grateful

Be true to yourself and honest in your work

Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others

He taught his students to meditate on these principles daily. By doing so they learned to focus their minds and actions on them and began to live their lives by these principles.

Disciplined Practice

He taught the importance of formal meditation practice – sitting with a straight back, with hands in Gassho (prayer) position and focus on the breath. He explained the concept of breathing into the hara (the belly) and bringing awareness into the body. This is important as it is the seat of your power. Too often we get stuck in our heads but Usui reminded his students that Reiki energy is centred within the body – deep in the belly at your mid-point.

By committing to daily meditation practice and breathing techniques, the students began to raise their vibrations. They began to let their inner light shine brightly and Usui moved on with their teachings as they progressed, introducing mantras, hands on healing practice and more.

True Purpose

The true purpose of Reiki practice is to move towards being the light – being Reiki. The meditations, mantras, symbols and hands on healing are all tools in the Reiki toolbox. They all point towards the end goal of enlightenment – of becoming the light.

Let your inner light shine brightly – uncover your true essence and divine nature by harnessing the power of Reiki that flows within you and around you.

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