Do you really want to be a Reiki Master?!

Do you really want to be a Reiki Master?!

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So, you’ve heard about Reiki and you have perhaps started learning it for yourself. You have maybe reached that stage on your journey where you are considering moving on to Level 3 – Reiki Master.

What does being a Reiki Master mean?

It is really important that you grasp the concept of what being a Reiki Master means. Being a Reiki Master is more than just a fancy title and a higher qualification. It is deeper than just completing the formal Reiki training and receiving an attunement at Master Level. And it is the start of a whole new journey – a more profound and life changing journey that will have implications for the rest of your life.

When you start out on your Reiki journey you are unaware of the changes that lie ahead for you. Often students come to learn because they want to change something in their lives or they want to bring in fresh energy. Some have had a few Reiki sessions and want to be able to use it for themselves. With each attunement and each Reiki treatment you raise your vibration a little more and with this comes change.


You are an energetic being who gives off an energy ripple 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – your energy field affects you and everything and everyone around you all the time. As you progress along your life journey and discover healing tools like Reiki, your vibration increases. This causes a change within your energy field and this change then ripples outwards and begins to affect everything around you.

Change is a good thing. Life needs to change – things cannot always stay the same. If you are ready to embrace change then go ahead and step up to the plate and become a Reiki Master. If you are quite content with how your life is at the moment then you perhaps will want to rethink it.

Receiving your Master Level Reiki attunement will raise your vibration significantly. This will lead to change for you. Some of you may be quite excited about this and will be ready to jump right in and go with it. That is great – it is important to go with the flow rather than resisting the changes.

What you resist, persists

When we resist we cause ourselves difficulty – the ride becomes uncomfortable. If you have been drawn to Reiki and to becoming a Master then you are most likely well aware of your spiritual nature and of the things you need to flow with.

When you work with the changes that a Level 3 Reiki attunement can bring then you stop “doing” Reiki and start to “become” Reiki – and that is what it is all about. The ultimate goal is to make Reiki an integral part of your life – the first thing you go to when you need it. The foundation upon which you build your life.

At Master Level you need to demonstrate your commitment to Reiki. You need to be making it a part of your life. Self-care and self-treatment are vital at this level. You must ensure that you are making the time to meditate and self-treat in order to keep your energy channel in optimum condition. It is tempting to continually give to everyone else and forget about your needs but please remember that Reiki is more about your personal journey than anything else and you cannot give from an empty vessel.

Life-Long Learning

You never stop learning and just because you take your Master Level training it does not make you any better than the next person. What it does do, is open up a new world of learning, disciplined practice and wonder as you continue to broaden and deepen your knowledge.

It is often called the vocational level because quite often your life changes quite significantly after your attunement and you may find that you do an about turn on your career or on the direction you were heading previously. This is nothing to be frightened of – it is a wonderful opportunity for you to start living your life “on purpose”.

Get in touch

If you are considering your Level 3 then please do chat with your Reiki Master about it or get in touch with me – I am more than happy to talk to you about it. There are many training options out there – some of which allow you to rapidly progress from Level 1 to 3 within a few days – I would urge you to seriously consider if that is the right option for you. The vibratory changes are intense and you may find that you have some physical side-effects from such a rapid change. That having been said if it feels right for you then go for it – the choice is ultimately yours.

I offer training at a relaxed pace and the Level 3 option is there for anyone who feels ready. Quite a few of my students pause after Level 2 and wait for a year or more before completing their Level 3. Some remain at Level 1 or 2 – quite content to stay there and that is perfectly fine. For details of the various options please get in touch.

There are no mistakes on your Reiki journey – you are exactly where you need to be. If you are drawn to taking your experience to the next level and you are feeling ready to do so then don’t hesitate – go for it! I promise it will be worth it and even if the ride gets bumpy, it all works out in the end.

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