Turn on the big light!

Turn on the big light!


The big light – it’s a real Northern Irish expression. For those of you who aren’t from Northern Ireland, it refers to the main ceiling light in a room. My childhood echoed with the words “Turn that big light off”, “Turn the big light on til I see what I am doing” “Right, turn that big light off and put the wee one on!”

The Big Light

My mum hated the big light going on. I also only use the “big light” if I am looking for something in a dark corner of the room or if I need more light for whatever reason – it never stays on too long. It illuminates all the dusty corners and highlights the dark little corners that the vacuum cleaner misses. It also shows me any hidden spiders which is never a good thing – me and spiders have an understanding – stay out of sight and I won’t have a freak out – simples!

Anyway – the purpose of this blog isn’t to tell you about my housework antics (or lack thereof!) nor is it about using Northern Irish expressions. It is actually about Reiki.

Reiki Myths

I want to clear up a few misconceptions about Reiki.

Reiki will NOT change your life. It is NOT a magic wand. Reiki WON’T clear away your troubles. And Reiki CANNOT cure all your woes.

There it is – pure and simple. Sorry if I have burst your bubble.

Reiki Truths

Reiki is pure life force energy that you ALREADY have flowing within you. It is NOT designed to magically heal and cure your life with no input from you. Reiki DOES NOT change your life … by itself.

I hear the words, and have used the words, Reiki changed my life. The energy turned my life around. Yes, that may be partially true but Reiki didn’t do it all by itself and that is what I am getting at here.

Reiki is primarily designed as a system of PERSONAL and SPIRITUAL healing – Personal. For you to heal yourself. For you to do the work to heal your life.

Reiki is the Big Light

Reiki IS the big light. It will illuminate the dark corners where you bury stuff, where you hide your true self, where you box up the troubles and push them to one side. Reiki will shine a huge bright light in these areas and will bring stuff up for you to deal with.

It will not simply wash away your woes. What it will do, is illuminate them and bring them to the surface so you can face them, with the loving support of the Reiki way of life and the Reiki philosophy.

Just like when you turn on the big light in the living room of your home, you can see the dusty little areas that need attention, you have a choice. You can decide to turn the light back off and pretend you didn’t see the dust – or you can do something about it and clean it up, so that when the big light shines on the area again, you have nothing to fear. You know that if you turn the light off having ignored the dust, you still know it’s there and you know that it will bug you until you clean it.

Healing Light

Reiki will do the same with your mind, body and spirit. It will shine it’s healing light into the dark corners of your mind and emotions to show you where you need to do some work. You can always try to ignore what you see, but it will keep coming up over and over again until you do the work, learn the lesson and heal yourself from the pain. When you can see the problem then the solution becomes clearer. The “work” you have to do may be as simple as acknowledging a past hurt, or may require some deep level healing but until you bring the problem to the surface, you will never know how to heal and move forward.

So my question to you is – are you ready to turn on the big light? Are you ready and willing to take action to no longer hide your dusty corners from sight?

If so, then please get in touch. I can help you work with Reiki, either in person or at distance, to bring into the light the things you need to work on and I can support you with coaching, healing therapies and intuitive readings to help you empower yourself to take back control and live the life you want to live.

What are you waiting for? Turn on the big light!

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