High Demand for Quality Training

High Demand for Quality Training


There has been unprecedented demand for Reiki training in the last couple of years. I have trained more people in the last 12 months than ever before. It got me thinking. Why has there been such a surge in interest?

Demand for Reiki Training is at an all time high

Perhaps it is due to the pandemic. People have been faced with the importance of their health and well-being. It is wonderful to see so many people awakening spiritually. As they begin to get in touch with their Souls they naturally find themselves drawn to the healing energy world, and Reiki.

When I ask my students, “What drew you to Reiki?”, I get a variety of responses. Usually it is because they want to help themselves and others. Sometimes they have been through difficult times and Reiki sessions helped them. Occasionally they want to move into this line of work and become Reiki practitioners themselves. At the heart of every response is the sentiment of feeling drawn to it.

Consciousness Rising

It is clear to see that world consciousness is changing. There is a definite change in the air. Like all change, it is not without turbulence. The old ways must crumble to make way for the new. Old paradigms no longer work. It is time for fresh energy. Time for healing. Love, joy and peace need to take centre stage, both globally and personally.

Sometimes people feel overwhelmed. They ask, “How can I make a difference?” You can make a difference simply by working on your own healing. As an energetic creature any work you do on your energy and wellbeing ripples through the quantum field. As you shift and heal, your energy vibration rises. This causes a ripple effect throughout your life – something you will have felt if you have ever had an attunement.

The Ripple Effect

This ripple effect causes changes in your immediate environment. Your preferences and tastes change to accommodate the higher vibration. You may find yourself moving away from toxic situations or people. Your inner light begins to shine. And as it does so, it gives other people permission to shine. When others see the positive change in you and your energy, they want the same. Energy does not lie.

As more and more people find Reiki, and other healing tools, more and more ripples are sent throughout the universe. These ripples form a wave of positive love and light energy which brings further healing. I think this is part of the reason more and more people are coming to learn Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. It is a system of natural healing which works at the energetic level of your body. It helps to clear blockages, restore balance and gently opens you up to the abundant healing energy of the universe.

Reiki energy is channelled via the hands of the practitioner

It is more than just a system of healing others. It is a system of inviting happiness into your life. That happiness is the miracle medicine for all disease. The Reiki philosophy stands on five precepts –

Just for today ~ Do not anger Do not worry Be filled with gratitude Work hard and honestly on yourself Be kind to all living beings

Becoming Reiki

As students meditate and focus on these precepts, wonderful changes occur. Lives are transformed and healing occurs. As you develop a disciplined Reiki meditation practice for self healing, you can then channel the energy to help others too. As you move through the levels of training you can train as a practitioner and then as a Master and Teacher.

For me it has been a wonderful tool for personal and spiritual development. Reiki is the foundation and cornerstone of Rocks n Rituals. It is also the basis of my life and sits at the heart of everything I do. The ultimate goal of Reiki training is for the student to learn to BE Reiki.

When you are ready, Reiki finds you. And that is why I think there are so many people looking for high quality training. Are you ready?

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